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UI and UX Design: What Is the Difference?

Posted by Nour Zikra

Mar 24, 2017 6:48:42 PM

UI and UX design

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) make up a successful website. However, they also come together to make up other tools, such as ATM machines, software, electronics, kiosks, self-pay machines, and so much more. UI and UX design are not the same, but they work side by side. One without the other creates something that is incomplete. Think of them as each other’s Yin and Yang. So, what are they exactly, why are marketing agencies obsessed with them, and what how can you implement them? Let us find out!

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Breaking Down the Myths on Corporate Identity

Posted by Nour Zikra

Mar 20, 2017 7:38:51 PM

Corporate identity









Corporate identity is the "persona" of your organization. As part of your brand, your business identity helps answer questions like “Who are we, what do we do, who do we sell to, and why do they buy from us?”

Elements of your brand that are often referred to as corporate identity are: corporate title, logo, mascot, etc. Often these elements are governed by approved standards or style guidelines such as color palettes, typefaces, page (print and/or web) layouts and other methods that establish continuity in your visual communications. Guidelines are usually documented in brand, styles, or business identity manual(s).

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How to Create a Great Web Design for Lead Generation

Posted by Nour Zikra

Mar 16, 2017 10:42:59 AM

web design lead generation

A successful website is one that allows visitors to browse through without feeling overwhelmed. At the same time, a successful website also works to grow your business by drawing leads in and turning them into customers. For that reason, it is important to create the best web design lead generation tool you can. Not only do you need to cater all aspects of your website to your ideal buyer persona, but you also need to have a vibrant layout and strong content.

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Why Your Website Desperately Needs an Orlando Responsive Design

Posted by Nour Zikra

Mar 15, 2017 2:39:34 PM

Orlando responshive design

What exactly is responsive web design and why is it important—nay, crucial—for your business? A website with an Orlando responsive design is simply a site that works flawlessly on both a desktop computer and any mobile device. And this is crucial because a website that is not responsive is simply not a good website. In fact, in today’s world, a website is not a website if does not integrate mobile solutions (which include responsive design).

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Why Business Storytelling Is Essential for Every Corporation

Posted by Nour Zikra

Mar 10, 2017 7:50:35 PM

business storytellingWho are you as a business? You can answer that question with a simple sentence, such as “I am a shoe salesman.” However, after an initial introduction, it is likely that no one will remember much about your business. A connection has not been made. After all, there are thousands of shoe companies. What makes you stand out? What makes you special? Business storytelling is the best way to create a connection with your buyer persona. By sharing your story of how your company began, your goal as a company, and other business stories you might have, you can create a lasting connection with your buyer persona. This makes storytelling essential for your business.

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What is Creative Media Design in Marketing?

Posted by Nour Zikra

Mar 8, 2017 12:26:55 PM

creative media designAfter speaking to a marketing agency, you are left with terminology you are not sure about. What are Call to Actions and landing pages? What is a buyer persona? Many words were used, but if you do not understand them, it can be difficult to work with that agency. Today, we will discuss the meaning of creative media design as it relates to marketing. What exactly is it? How can it help you? Let us get started!

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5 Most Useful Blogs on Advancing Your Internet Marketing Orlando

Posted by Nour Zikra

Mar 3, 2017 12:42:11 PM

internet marketing

Internet marketing can seem daunting all with the thousands of other competitors online. However, if you know what to do, it becomes easy. You can strengthen and advance your internet marketing Orlando with a few tips straight from the professionals. Below are five blogs to help you with your internet marketing:

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What to Look for in a Web Design Orlando Agency

Posted by Nour Zikra

Mar 1, 2017 12:00:18 PM

Web design Orlando

There are so many web design Orlando agencies that pop up every year, and hundreds of other existing ones that have been in business for some time. When choosing the right agency, you must figure out which one is best for you. This means finding the right professional web design Orlando agency that will give you a great service, understand your needs, and generate leads through your site. But how can you tell the difference between an experienced agency and a bad one? The following is a list of things to consider when looking for the right agency:

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Logo Design Orlando: Predicting the Future Through Past Trends

Posted by Nour Zikra

Feb 23, 2017 11:15:00 AM

logo design orlando

Buyers are still buying—they are just buying differently. A large part of this difference is that a buying decision is emotionally based and no longer logically based. They are also buying by brand recognition for a strong brand develops emotions of trust and perceived quality. Thus, the concept of emotional branding has become part of the all important brand process.

So even though logo design Orlando serves as a mind trigger to business brands, it is important that it is part of the total emotional branding process. This mind trigger must also create an emotional connection. As a result, your logo design Orlando triggers an expression of your corporate culture, personality, and the products and services you offer. Your logo design Orlando and its colors, expressed either as a graphic symbol or logotype (typographic style of your name such as FedEx) or a combination of both are important.

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4 Ways to Enhance Your Orlando Social Media Marketing

Posted by Nour Zikra

Feb 22, 2017 10:57:53 AM

Orlando social media marketingSocial media marketing is no different than marketing in the real world. You put your business out there online and you wait for people to find value in what you offer. People with similar interests will lean towards you. In real life, you would do the same, and those interested would come to you. The only difference with Orlando social media marketing is that you do not meet people face to face but online. While this might feel dissimilar to real life marketing, in the end, your goal remains to reach more people through valuable, relevant content. Here are four ways to enhance your Orlando social media marketing:

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