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2015 Update Web Content Writers – State of Ecommerce Marketing 2014

Posted by jack manhire

Jul 17, 2015 2:11:00 PM

IMG_0811A research study was commissioned by Hubspot in conjunction with MIT to look at the state of the multi-trillion dollar world of ecommerce marketers. Some interesting conclusions from the data are less encouraging than others.

This blog was published a year ago highlighting this study. We have republished this blog with 2015 tips and trends. This is important as the holiday buying seasons will quickly be upon us.

1. While Important, Black Friday & Cyber Monday Are Not Be-All / End-All Of The Holidays - when putting together the marketing calendar for the 2015 holiday season, marketers should prepare for a 60-day marathon, not a 2-day sprint.

Consumers have their deal-seeking antennas up in November and December, and savvy marketers will cater to these needs with a string of valuable offers throughout the entire season.

2. Mobile E-Commerce, Particularly On Apple Devices, Is Booming - Now’s the time to get on the mobile e-commerce train, if you haven’t already. For marketers who already offer mobile apps and mobile-optimized sites, our recommendation would be to segment mobile vs. non-mobile customers: How are mobile customers different in their demographics, marketing preferences, and shopping behavior?

3. Email Marketing & Online Search Were The Key To Holiday Success - More than ever, winning in email and search marketing means winning in online retail. It is worth noting that the overall holiday growth rate of 15.6% is not uniform: The fastest-growing retailers grew twice as much.

What separates the wheat from the chaff, among other things, is using online marketing channels such as search and email marketing more effectively.

4. Social Commerce Didn’t Happen In Holiday 2014. Maybe In 2015? - Retailers are still figuring out how to drive e-commerce purchases from their social media activities. It is likely we’ll see a lot of innovative, creative experiments this year on all social media networks.

Ecommerce and Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing methodologies are becoming the norm among ecommerce marketers.

  • 55% of ecommerce businesses invest in inbound marketing and 22% of respondents don’t know if they do inbound marketing at all.
  • 54% of B2C ecommerce companies implement inbound marketing, compared to 60% of B2B ecommerce companies

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